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Welcome to Rike Real Estate Residential listings. Click the photos for larger versions. Please call (940) 864-2411 for the latest information. Listings are located in Haskell unless otherwise noted.
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Income Producing Apartment Pkg

This package deal includes three individual apartment structures containing new improvements, various upgrades and current active tenants. The properties have been well kept and have provided years of revenue. Included in the package are three structures with both two bedroom/one bathroom units as well as one bedroom/one bathroom units. Both locations include parking facilities and various upgrades such as central heating and cooling, updated paint, new carpet and fixtures. Contact Rike Real Estate today for more information on this one of a kind opportunity.
2062 US HWY 380W_1front.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_2front.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_3side.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_4back.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_5hwy.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_6barn1.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_7barn2.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_8living1.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_9living2.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_10dining.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_11livingdin.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_12kitch.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_13kitch2.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_15den1.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_16den.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_17den.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_18den.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_19mstbd.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_20mstbd2.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_21mstbath.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_22mstshwr.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_24mstshwr.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_25hall.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_26bath.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_27bath.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_28bed.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_29bath3 (2).jpg
2062 US HWY 380W_30bath.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_31bed.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_32bed3.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_33bed.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_34drone.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_35drone.JPG
2062 US HWY 380W_37drone.JPG
2062 US HWY 380 W

5 miles west of the city of Haskell is this beautiful 3,050 sq. ft., newly renovated 4 bedroom 3 bathroom brick ranch style home. Both inside and outside you will notice upgraded finishes. On the exterior of the home you will notice a new upgraded roof, fully functioning metal barn with electricity, new holding pens, wash racks for livestock and oversized holding tanks. You will also enjoy a water well with new pump, cellar and garden area. Inside you will be blown away by the upgraded kitchen complete with custom concrete countertops, true hardwood floors, new tile, updated texture and paint. The split bedroom allows for three bedrooms on one end of the home, along with two updated bathrooms and the master suite on the other. The master suit is large with updated bathroom, walk in shower and oversized master closet. Enjoy an open floorplan with formal dining room, living room and large second living area or bonus room overlooking the massive back yard. ($255,000) 
1201 N Ave K_2front.JPG
1201 N Ave K_3back2.JPG
1201 N Ave K_4back.JPG
1201 N Ave K_5bclprch.JPG
1201 N Ave K_6living1.JPG
1201 N Ave K_7living2.JPG
1201 N Ave K_8kitch.JPG
1201 N Ave K_9dining.JPG
1201 N Ave K_10dining.JPG
1201 N Ave K_11laundry.JPG
1201 N Ave K_12mstbd.JPG
1201 N Ave K_13mstbath1.JPG
1201 N Ave K_14mstbath1.JPG
1201 N Ave K_15bed2.JPG
1201 N Ave K_16bed2.JPG
1201 N Ave K_17bath2.JPG
1201 N Ave K_18bed3.JPG
1201 North Avenue K ~ 1,460 sq. ft.

With new updates, paint colors, upgraded bathrooms and an open floorplan this three bedroom two bathroom home has classic charm and eclectic style. In the front of the home you will find an open kitchen, breakfast nook, nice guest bathroom, living room and two large bedrooms complete with beautiful hardwood floors. Off the back you will enjoy a large master bedroom with dual closets and attached updated bathroom. The newly renovated dining room allows for excellent entertaining and attached laundry room is perfect for storage. Complete with updated roof and central heating and cooling this home is a must see! ($79,900)
500 N 16th_2side.JPG
500 N 16th_3back1.JPG
500 N 16th_4back2.JPG
500 N 16th_5back3.JPG
500 N 16th_6back4.JPG
500 N 16th_7living1.JPG
500 N 16th_8living2.JPG
500 N 16th_9kitch1.JPG
500 N 16th_10kitch2.JPG
500 N 16th_11lr.JPG
500 N 16th_12bath1.JPG
500 N 16th_13bath2.JPG
500 N 16th_14bed1.JPG
500 N 16th_15bed2.JPG
500 N 16th_16bed2.JPG
500 N 16th_17bath1.JPG
500 N 16th_18bath1.JPG
500 N 16th_19bath1.JPG
500 N 16th_20bath1.JPG
500 N 16th_21bed3.JPG
500 N 16th_22bed3.JPG
500 N 16th St ~ 1,715 sq. ft.

This 3/2 is newly renovated. The property has new laminate flooring and two updated bathrooms. Located on a large corner lot the property also has a wonderful wooden privacy fence, water well and two car carport. Complete with open floor plan this property is a must see. ($92,500)
1002 N Ave H_2living.jpg
1002 N Ave H_3living2.jpg
1002 N Ave H_4kitch1.jpg
1002 N Ave H_5kitch2.jpg
1002 N Ave H_6bed1.jpg
1002 N Ave H_7bed2.jpg
1002 N Ave H_8hall.jpg
1002 N Ave H_9bath1.jpg
1002 N Ave H_10side1.jpg
1002 N Ave H_11garage.jpg
1002 N Ave H_12side2.jpg
1002 N Ave H_13side3.jpg
1002 N Ave H_14sign.jpg
1002 North Avenue H ~ 1,280 sq. ft.

This bright, newly updated two bedroom one bathroom home on the corner of Avenue H and 10th street is joyful and roomy. The natural sunlight flows thru all of the beautiful new windows to grace the home with sunshine and cheer. Both bedrooms are large with great storage and updated paint. The large living room has a perfect picture window for a Christmas Tree and plenty of room for entertaining. The kitchen is located just off the dining area and is large, open and boasts new paint colors. The home also allows for convenient laundry room, master with double closets, detached garage, carport and fenced yard. Make this cottage on the corner your new home today! ($55,000)
1505 Vedas Camp_2front.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_3back.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_4lake.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_5lake.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_6lake.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_7lake.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_8lake.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_9kitch1.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_10kitch2.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_11living.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_12firepl.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_13.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_14.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_15.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_16.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_17.JPG
1505 Vedas Camp_18.JPG
1505 Veda’s Camp Rd, Lake Stamford ~ 775 sq. ft.

Found at the ideal tip of Lake Stamford this quaint lake cabin has been newly refinished inside. With new drywall, paint, new electric and a cozy wood burning stove this cabin will offer hours of endless enjoyment right on the water. With a covered front porch and large back deck the property offers endless possibilities with all furnishings included. Lake Cabins like this one do not become available oven and will move fast. ($25,500)
800 N 3rd E_2front.JPG
800 N 3rd E_3side.JPG
800 N 3rd E_4side.JPG
800 N 3rd E_5back.JPG
800 N 3rd E_6living.JPG
800 N 3rd E_7dining.JPG
800 N 3rd E_8kitch.JPG
800 N 3rd E_9laundry.JPG
800 N 3rd E_10hall.JPG
800 N 3rd E_11bed.JPG
800 N 3rd E_12bath.JPG
800 N 3rd E_13bath.JPG
800 N 3rd E_14mstbd.JPG
800 N 3rd E_15mstbd.JPG
800 N 3rd E_16mstbath.JPG
800 N 3rd E_17bed.JPG
800 North Third East ~ 1,413 sq. ft.

Located on a large corner lot under many beautiful mature pecan trees you will find this quaint 3 bedroom 2 bathroom home. The property features two water wells, sprinkler system and storage shed along with a convenient carport. The home has new upgraded carpet, new central heating and cooling and a new water heater. The floorplan is open and storage is good throughout. Located on a quiet street this property won’t last long. ($89,900)
973 US HWY 277_2side.JPG
973 US HWY 277_3frontflbd.JPG
973 US HWY 277_4side.JPG
973 US HWY 277_5living.JPG
973 US HWY 277_6frpl.JPG
973 US HWY 277_7living.JPG
973 US HWY 277_8living.JPG
973 US HWY 277_9dining.JPG
973 US HWY 277_10kitchn.JPG
973 US HWY 277_11kitch.JPG
973 US HWY 277_12bed1.JPG
973 US HWY 277_13bed1.JPG
973 US HWY 277_14bath1.JPG
973 US HWY 277_15bath1.JPG
973 US HWY 277_16laundryrm.JPG
973 US HWY 277_16mancave2.JPG
973 US HWY 277_17mancave.JPG
973 US HWY 277_18mstbd.JPG
973 US HWY 277_19mstbd.JPG
973 US HWY 277_20bath2.JPG
973 US HWY 277_21bed2.JPG
973 US HWY 277_22bed2.JPG
973 US HWY 277_23bkyrd.JPG
973 US HWY 277_24bkyrd.JPG
973 US HWY 277_25bkhs.JPG
973 US HWY 277_26bkhs.JPG
973 US HWY 277_27shed.JPG
973 US HWY 277_28shed.JPG
973 US HWY 277_29carport.JPG
973 US Highway 277 ~ 2,264 sq. ft.

Located on an oversized corner lot this large three bedroom two bathroom home has all the amenities your looking for just a mile from the city of Haskell. The home offers a large living room with wood burning stove, dining room with built-in's, kitchen with breakfast bar and three oversized bedrooms with closet space everywhere. You will also find a spacious laundry room, office area and a bonus room large enough for all of your needs. The home boasts a circle drive outside, abundant covered parking, patio area, storage shed and fenced back yard. Homes just outside of town such as this one are few and far between. Priced to move! ($139,900)
507 N Ave G_2front2.jpg
507 N Ave G_3porch3.jpg
507 N Ave G_4bk.jpg
507 N Ave G_5living1.jpg
507 N Ave G_6living2.jpg
507 N Ave G_7living3.jpg
507 N Ave G_8kitch1.jpg
507 N Ave G_9kitch2.jpg
507 N Ave G_10kitch3.jpg
507 N Ave G_11bath1.jpg
507 N Ave G_12bath2.jpg
507 N Ave G_13bath3.jpg
507 N Ave G_14bed1.jpg
507 N Ave G_15bed1.jpg
507 N Ave G_16bed2.jpg
507 N Ave G_17bed2.jpg
507 N Ave G_18bed3.jpg
507 N Ave G_19bed3.jpg
507 N Ave G_20bed3.jpg
507 N Ave G_21bath2.jpg
507 N Ave G_22bath2.jpg
507 N Ave G_23bath2.jpg
507 N Ave G_24bath2.jpg
507 North Avenue G ~ 1,250 sq. ft.

On a large corner lot in the north west portion of Haskell you will find this newly remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom property. This home is every bit NEW from top to bottom. Between new wood floors, carpet, doors, paint, fixtures, kitchen cabinets, appliances and all fixtures this house is completely remodeled. All bedrooms are upgraded with wide baseboards and large walk in closets. The bathrooms are complete with solid surface modern vanities, upgraded lighting and excellent storage. Other upgrades include exterior improvements such as composition roof, new windows, new porches, fences, landscaping and more.  Let others enjoy your decorated, custom built front porch, while you enjoy sitting on the back porch with friends. This “new” home is ready for a NEW owner. ($72,500)
410 S 7th_2front2.jpg
410 S 7th_3back1.jpg
410 S 7th_4back2.jpg
410 S 7th_5bckpch.jpg
410 S 7th_6bckyd1.jpg
410 S 7th_7bckyd2.jpg
410 S 7th_8bckyd3.jpg
410 S 7th_9flws.jpg
410 S 7th_10lot.jpg
410 S 7th_11living1.jpg
410 S 7th_12living2.jpg
410 S 7th_13nook1.jpg
410 S 7th_14nook2.jpg
410 S 7th_15bknk.jpg
410 S 7th_16bknk2.jpg
410 S 7th_16laundry.jpg
410 S 7th_17shelf.jpg
410 S 7th_18kitch1.jpg
410 S 7th_19kith2.jpg
410 S 7th_20mstbd1.jpg
410 S 7th_21mstbd2.jpg
410 S 7th_22mstbth.jpg
410 S 7th_23mstbth2.jpg
410 S 7th_24mstbth3.jpg
410 S 7th_25mstbth4.jpg
410 S 7th_26mstbth5.jpg
410 S 7th_28hall.jpg
410 S 7th_29bath2.jpg
410 S 7th_30bed1.jpg
410 S 7th_31bed2.jpg
410 S 7th_32bed2.jpg
410 S 7th_33rresign.jpg
410 S 7th Ave, Munday ~ 1,752 sq. ft.

This large, ranch style home sits beautifully on the corner of Dallas and South 7th. Behind mature trees and shrubs the three bedroom two bathroom home has a new composition roof, covered patio, outside storage rooms, water well and sprinkler system. The interior of the home is lovely and inviting. Just off of the welcoming entry way you will find a large living room with fireplace and split bedroom arrangement. All bedrooms are updated with new paint and each complete with large closet. The master boasts a wonderful skylight, double sinks and dressing area. The laundry room is large and leads into a double car garage. With updates inside and out this "Steal on Seventh" is move in ready. ($119,000)
106 S Ave H_2back1.jpg
106 S Ave H_2back2.jpg
106 S Ave H_3living1.jpg
106 S Ave H_4living2.jpg
106 S Ave H_5kitch.jpg
106 S Ave H_6hall.jpg
106 S Ave H_7bed1.jpg
106 S Ave H_8bath1.jpg
106 S Ave H_9bath2.jpg
106 S Ave H_10bath3.jpg
106 S Ave H_11bed2.jpg
106 S Ave H_12bed2.jpg
106 S Ave H_13bed3.jpg
106 S Ave H_14dining1.jpg
106 S Ave H_15dining2.jpg
106 S Ave H_16laundry.jpg
106 S Ave H_17mstbd1.jpg
106 S Ave H_18mstbd2.jpg
106 S Ave H_19mstcl1.jpg
106 S Ave H_20mstcl2.jpg
106 S Ave H_21mstbath1.jpg
106 S Ave H_22mbtbath2.jpg
106 South Avenue H ~ 2,192 sq. ft.

Large and Luxurious are two words that describe this four bedroom two bathroom brick home on Avenue H. With a split bedroom arrangement you will enjoy a large master suite on one end of the home and three large bedrooms and bathroom on the other end. Other fantastic bonuses include large closets in all bedrooms, wonderful natural light, new carpet in the master bedroom and refinished hardwoods. The home also boasts a new metal roof, storage building, parking area, new gas line, new plumbing and new flooring in the kitchen, dining room and large laundry room. Priced to move! ($73,500)