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Welcome to Rike Real Estate Residential listings. Click the photos for larger versions. Please call (940) 864-2411 for the latest information. Listings are located in Haskell unless otherwise noted.
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160 +/- Ac With Hunters Lodge

Just north of Rule you will find this perfectly proportioned, income producing, hunter's paradise. This 160 acres is flat, square and currently holds an excellent CRP Contract. Dove, quail, hogs, predators and deer are active in this area. The property also boasts a small metal barn with living quarters, water well and electricity that would serve well as a hunters cabin. This property would fit the bill for just about any purpose. With its annual income and improvements this property is a must see and will not be available long! ($194,900)
Toliver 164_2landaerial1.jpg
Toliver 164_3landaerial2.jpg
Toliver 164_4landaerial3.jpg
Dryland 164 +/-  Ac off of CR 130

Located off of County Road 131, west of FM 2163 you will find this well placed, dryland farm just on the north side of Goose Hill. The property does have several wetland acres that could be used for hunting or as good dryland acres. Farms such as this one with multiple purposes as well as good bases and yields will always be a good investment. ($1150/Ac)

189 Ac_2land2.jpg
189 Ac_3land3.jpg
189 Ac_4land4.jpg
189 Ac_5land5.jpg
189 Ac_6land6.jpg
189 Ac_7land7.jpg
189 Ac_8land8.jpg
189 Ac_9land9.jpg
189 Ac_10land10.jpg
189 Ac_11land11.jpg
189 Ac_12land12.jpg
189 Ac_13landaerial1.jpg
189 Ac_14landaerial2.jpg
189 Ac_15landaerial3.jpg
189 +/- Ac. on 2163

Located at the corner of FM 2163 and CR 130 you will find this flat, rectangular dryland farm that would be an excellent addition to any farming program. The land has been successfully farmed for years and is easily accessible. The farm is just 10 miles northwest of Haskell. With all acres in dryland farmable soil this property will give you more bang for your buck. ($1150/Ac)

7204 HWY 380 E on 479 +/- Ac 

East of the Haskell City Limits you will find this amazing income producing ranch. Not only does this property have excellent cultivated fields but it also boasts brand new premier fences, new cross fences and new metal corners and gates. The owner has completely insulated the 60 x 60 metal barn with large rolling door, cement flooring and additional stables. The large 3 or 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home on the ranch has been updated with new central heating and cooling and a completely new metal roof. The home centers around a very large living room with wood burning stove. Off the living room you will find a large dining room, open kitchen and laundry room with space for additional freezers or refrigerators. There is also the possibility of a 4th bedroom or office space as well as a second den overlooking the covered back porch. The ranch itself is more than impressive. Included on the property are several tanks that provide excellent fishing, duck hunting and are a great draw for the abundant wildlife. ($762,000)
7204 HWY 380E_2front1.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_3front.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_4front1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_5front2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_6front3.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_7back.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_8barn1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_9barn2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_10barn3.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_11barn4.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_12living1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_13living2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_14living3.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_15dining1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_16dining2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_17kitch.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_18pantry.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_19laundry1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_20laundry2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_20office.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_21bknk1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_22bknk2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_23bath1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_24bed1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_25bed2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_26mstbd.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_27mstbath.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_28mstbath.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_29land1.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_30land2.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_31land3.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_32land4.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_33land5.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_34land6.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_35house1.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_36land7.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_37land8.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_38land9.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_39land10.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_40land11.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_41land12.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_42land13.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_43land14.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_44land15.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_45land16.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_46land17.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_47land18.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_48land19.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_49land20.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_50land21.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_51land22.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_52game1.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_53game2.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_54game3.JPG
7204 HWY 380E_55game4.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_56WallFSA1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_57WallFSA2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_58Aerial 1.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_59Aerial 2.jpg
7204 HWY 380E_60Aerial 3.jpg
Winder 319_2land.JPG
Winder 319_3land.JPG
Winder 319_4land1.JPG
Winder 319_5land.JPG
Winder 319_6land.JPG
Winder 319_7land.JPG
Winder 319_8land.JPG
Winder 319_9land.JPG
Winder 319_10land.JPG
Winder 319_11land.JPG
Winder 319_12land.JPG
Winder 319_13land.JPG
Winder 319_14land.JPG
Winder 319_15land.JPG
Winder 319_16land.JPG
Winder 319_17land17.JPG
Winder 319_18land.JPG
Winder 319_19land.JPG
Winder 319_20land.JPG
Winder 319_21land.jpg
Winder 319_22land.jpg
Winder 319_23land.jpg
Winder 319_24land.jpg
Winder 319_25Aerial.jpg
Winder 319_26Aerial.jpg
Winder 319_27Aerial.jpg
319 +/- Ac Dryland Farm

Located southwest of Haskell on FM 1225 you will find this excellent dryland farm. The property is easily accessible just off of blacktop, is flat and carries excellent bases and yields. Dryland farms in this area with production records such as these won’t be available long. Contact Rike Real Estate for details. ($1,200/Ac)
colley 136.7_2land2.JPG
colley 136.7_3land3.JPG
colley 136.7_4pivot1.JPG
colley 136.7_4pivot2.JPG
colley 136.7_5land4.JPG
colley 136.7_6land6.JPG
colley 136.7_7land.JPG
colley 136.7_8land8.JPG
colley 136.7_9aerial1.jpg
colley 136.7_10aerial2.jpg
colley 136.7_11aerial3.jpg
136.7 +/- Ac in NW Haskell County

Located on Haskell County Road 186 you will find this Irrigated Haskell County property. There are two four tower Valley Pivots on the property along with a total of four water wells. The property is well located just east of US Highway 6 one mile north of Rochester. Contact the office for maps, aerials and specifics today.  ($1,450/Ac.)
339 Ac_2air.JPG
339 Ac_3air.JPG
339 Ac_4air.JPG
339 Ac_5air.JPG
339 Ac_6air.JPG
339 Ac_7air.JPG
339 Ac_8air.JPG
339 Ac_9air.JPG
339 Ac_10air.JPG
339 Ac_11air.JPG
339 Ac_12air.JPG
339 Ac_13air.JPG
339 Ac_14air.JPG
339 Ac_15land.jpg
339 Ac_16land.jpg
339 Ac_17land.jpg
339 Ac_18land.jpg
339 Ac_19land.jpg
339 Ac_20land.jpg
339 Ac_21land.jpg
339 Ac_22land.jpg
339 +/- Ac in NE Haskell Co.

Located in Haskell County just southeast of Weinert this total 339 acres allows for 55 acres of pasture as well.   Right on FM 266 the property is easily accessible and in an area of solid production. With rural electric available and some mineral interest this property is a must see. Enjoy the benefits of an excellent dryland farm as well as the added bonuses of small pasture to encourage wildlife prospects. ($1,200/Ac)
161.5 Ac_2air2.JPG
161.5 Ac_3air3.JPG
161.5 Ac_4air4.JPG
161.5 Ac_5air5.JPG
161.5 Ac_6air6.JPG
161.5 Ac_7WellMap.jpg
161.5 Ac_8Bases&Yields.jpg
161.5 Ac_9FSA Map.jpg
161.5 Ac_10Soil Maps1.jpg
161.5 Ac_11Soil Maps2.jpg
161.5 Ac_12Soil Maps3.jpg
161.5 +/- Ac North Haskell Co.

The perfect size and the perfect location. Just waiting on the perfect new owner! Located just 5 miles southeast of Knox City you will find this 161.5 acre tract of land located right along FM 2229 in Haskell County. The property is completely fenced, and would suit a multitude of purposes. The farm would serve well as a dry land cultivated field or utilize the superior fences, tank and water well to graze out cattle. With a long list of possibilities, minerals available and an excellent price this North Haskell County Farm will move fast. ($1,200/Ac)
200 Ac_2air2.JPG
200 Ac_3air3.JPG
200 Ac_4air4.JPG
200 Ac_5air5.JPG
200 Ac_6air6.JPG
200 Ac_7air7.JPG
200 Ac_8air.JPG
200 Ac_9air9.JPG
200 Ac_10air10.JPG
200 Ac_11air11.JPG
200 Ac_12air12.JPG
200 Ac_13air13.JPG
200 Ac_14Bases&Yields.jpg
200 Ac_15FSA Map.jpg
200 Ac_16Soil Map1.jpg
200 Ac_17Soil Map2.jpg
200 Ac_18Soil Map3.jpg
200 +/- Ac North Haskell Co.

Complete with two Zimmatic Pivots, improved grass and some pasture this 200 acres located just off of FM 2229 has everything you need. The property has four wells feeding the two pivots as well as two wells for cattle. The farm is well located and would serve as an addition to a cattle operation or an excellent row crop farm. ($1,600/Ac)
100 Ac_2.jpg
100 Ac_3.jpg
100 Ac_4.jpg
100 Ac_5Bases&Yields.jpg
100 Ac_6FSA Map.jpg
100 Ac_7Soil Map1.jpg
100 Ac_8Soil Map2.jpg
100 Ac_9Soil Map3.jpg
100 +/- Ac North Haskell Co.

This Haskell County 100 Acre Irrigated Farm is a small, productive property ready for new owner. The farm includes a 7-Tower Zimmatic Center Pivot covering approximately 60 acres of Improved Grasses. The farm consists of two wells providing water to the pivot as well as a third used for stock water. With potential uses such as winter or summer grazing or row crop farming this property would be an ideal small addition to any current operation or a great starter farm in Haskell County. Well priced irrigated property. ($1,600/Ac)