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Williams 37 Ac_3land.JPG
Williams 37 Ac_4land.JPG
Williams 37 Ac_5land.JPG
Williams 37 Ac_6land.JPG
Williams 37 Ac_7map.jpg
37+/- Acres located on US 277 Bypass

This 37+/- acres is located right on the 277 Bypass in Haskell on the west side. The undeveloped land is partially fenced and allows for adequate highway 277 access. This property has a multitude of uses including home site, commercial business location or convenient pasture close to town. Contact Rike Real Estate for more information.  ($65,000)
1507 N Ave E_2front.JPG
1507 N Ave E_3front.JPG
1507 N Ave E_4front.JPG
1507 N Ave E_5front.JPG
1507 N Ave E_6entry.JPG
1507 N Ave E_7entry.JPG
1507 N Ave E_7living.JPG
1507 N Ave E_8dining.JPG
1507 N Ave E_9kitch.JPG
1507 N Ave E_10kitch.JPG
1507 N Ave E_11kitch.JPG
1507 N Ave E_12porch.JPG
1507 N Ave E_13laundry.JPG
1507 N Ave E_14hall.JPG
1507 N Ave E_15bed.JPG
1507 N Ave E_16bed.JPG
1507 N Ave E_17bath.JPG
1507 N Ave E_18bath.JPG
1507 N Ave E_19front.JPG
1507 N Ave E_20bed2.JPG
1507 N Ave E_21bed3.JPG
1507 N Ave E_22bed4.JPG
1507 N Ave E_23bed4.JPG
1507 N Ave E_24bath2.JPG
1507 N Ave E_25upstrhall.JPG
1507 N Ave E_26bed5.JPG
1507 N Ave E_27bed5.JPG
1507 N Ave E_28bath3.JPG
1507 N Ave E_29attic.JPG
1507 North Avenue E

Located at the corner of business 277 and FM 2163 this four bedroom, three bathroom home would be ideal for numerous purposes. The property is large and well appointed. On the exterior you will notice all new paint, sprinkler system, water well, a beautiful lawn, mature landscaping, fenced back yard and additional guest house or office space. Inside you will enjoy a formal dining room, living room, front parlor, laundry room and kitchen. This beautiful property could be your next family home, commercial office space or would be ideal for a lovely bed and breakfast. With a lease back possibility this property would be suited for every possibility. A must see today! ($225,000)
420 N 1ST_1front2.jpg
420 N 1ST_2lobby.jpg
420 N 1ST_3lobby.jpg
420 N 1ST_4mainrm1.jpg
420 N 1ST_5mainrm2.jpg
420 N 1ST_6mainrm3.jpg
420 N 1ST_7office1.jpg
420 N 1ST_8office2.jpg
420 N 1ST_9office3.jpg
420 N 1ST_10office4.jpg
420 N 1ST_11midrm.jpg
420 N 1ST_12brkrm.jpg
420 N 1ST_13hall1.jpg
420 N 1ST_14hall2.jpg
420 N 1ST_15bath1.jpg
420 N 1ST_16bath2.jpg
420 N 1ST_16bath3.jpg
420 N 1ST_17office5.jpg
420 N 1ST_18office6.jpg
420 N 1ST_19office7.jpg
420 N 1ST_20office8.jpg
420 N 1ST_21office9.jpg
420 N 1ST_22office10.jpg
420 N 1ST_23wall.JPG
420 N 1ST_24parking.JPG
420 North 1st ~ 5,000 sq. ft.

This large 5000 sq. ft. commercial space is located at the intersection of US Highway 380 and 277. The corner location has excellent eye appeal due to its ideal position next to the four way stop light at the corner of the downtown square. With new central heating and cooling, a brand new energy efficient roof and prearranged office spaces the property would allow for multiple purposes. Make plans to see this property today. ($65,000)
Larned apt_1front3.jpg
Larned apt_2.jpg
Larned apt_3bck.jpg
Larned apt_3bck2.jpg
Larned apt_4side.jpg
Larned apt_4side1.jpg
Larned apt_5inside1.jpg
Larned apt_5inside2.jpg
Larned apt_5inside3.jpg
Larned apt_6inside.jpg
Larned apt_7inside.jpg
Larned apt_8inside.jpg
Larned apt_9inside.jpg
Larned apt_10inside.jpg
Larned apt_11inside.jpg
Larned apt_12inside.jpg
Larned apt_13inside.jpg
Larned apt_14inside.jpg
Larned apt_15inside.jpg
Larned apt_16inside.jpg
Larned apt_17inside.jpg
Larned apt_18inside.jpg
Larned apt_20inside.JPG
Larned apt_21inside.jpg
Larned apt_22inside.jpg
Larned apt_23inside.jpg
Larned apt_24inside.jpg
Larned apt_26inside.jpg
Larned apt_27inside.jpg
Larned apt_28inside.jpg
Larned apt_29inside.jpg
Larned apt_32poutside.jpg
Larned apt_33front.jpg
Larned apt_34back.jpg
Larned apt_35back.jpg
Larned apt_36carport.jpg
Larned apt_37inside.jpg
Larned apt_38inside.jpg
Larned apt_39inside.jpg
Larned apt_40inside.jpg
Larned apt_41inside.jpg
Larned apt_42inside.jpg
Larned apt_43inside.jpg
Larned apt_44inside.jpg
Larned apt_45inside.jpg
Larned apt_46inside.jpg
Larned apt_47inside.jpg
Larned apt_48inside.jpg
Larned apt_49inside.jpg
Larned apt_50inside.jpg
Larned apt_51inside.jpg
Larned apt_52inside.jpg
Larned apt_53inside.jpg
Larned apt_54inside.jpg
Larned apt_55inside.jpg
Larned apt_56inside.jpg
Larned apt_58inside.jpg
Larned apt_59inside.jpg
Larned apt_60inside.jpg
Income Producing Apartment Pkg

This package deal includes three individual apartment structures containing new improvements, various upgrades and current active tenants. The properties have been well kept and have provided years of revenue. Included in the package are three structures with both two bedroom/one bathroom units as well as one bedroom/one bathroom units. Both locations include parking facilities and various upgrades such as central heating and cooling, updated paint, new carpet and fixtures. Contact Rike Real Estate today for more information on this one of a kind opportunity.
22 Ave D_2front.jpg
22 Ave D_3front.jpg
22 Avenue D ~ 5,400 sq. ft.

Fully occupied and room for more is the best way to describe this large, well located, building on the east side of the downtown square in Haskell. With three active leases this building is at its current capacity. All three tenants have long term active leases and would be considered excellent occupants. The property also has space in the back of the building for additional office spaces or storage. This back space is empty and ready for new construction. This income producing property shows excellent payment history and would be an ideal addition to any growing investment portfolio.  ($109,000)
1006 S Ave E_2sdprk1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_3sd.jpg
1006 S Ave E_4sd.jpg
1006 S Ave E_5sd.jpg
1006 S Ave E_6sd.jpg
1006 S Ave E_7entry1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_8frtrm.jpg
1006 S Ave E_9frtrm.jpg
1006 S Ave E_10pckwd1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_11icemc1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_12kitch.jpg
1006 S Ave E_12kitch2.jpg
1006 S Ave E_14stg1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_15stg2.jpg
1006 S Ave E_16ftrm3.jpg
1006 S Ave E_17dining.jpg
1006 S Ave E_18dining.jpg
1006 S Ave E_19bathrm1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_20bathrm2.jpg
1006 S Ave E_21barpc1.jpg
1006 S Ave E_22barpc2.jpg
1006 S Ave E_23barpc3.jpg
1006 S Ave E_24barpc4.jpg
1006 S Ave E_25barpc5.jpg
1006 S Ave E ~ Broken Arrow

Well-known restaurant space for sale. This 3,790 sq. ft. building comes with all of the Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. Located on a main road with abundant traffic, the building is perfectly suited for an eatery with options for dine in and take out along with an excellent bar area. The atmosphere currently has a Spanish flair with updated decor and modern paint colors. This is a great opportunity for a hands on manager to build a very profitable business. Ample parking, updated fixtures and excellent atmosphere make this property a must see!  ($164,000)
551 US HWY 277_2side.JPG
551 US HWY 277_3back.JPG
551 US HWY 277_4pooltbls.JPG
551 US HWY 277_5bar.JPG
551 US HWY 277_6kitch.JPG
551 US HWY 277_7kitch.JPG
551 US HWY 277_8bathrooms.JPG
551 US HWY 277_9ballroom.JPG
551 US HWY 277_10side.JPG
551 US HWY 277_11side.JPG
551 US HWY 277_12stage.JPG
551 US HWY 277_13loading.JPG
551 US HWY 277 ~  Macias Ballroom

With over 9,000 sq.ft. of space located on two acres, this mutli-purpose facility is in an up and coming area of Haskell. The area is ideal and the interior attributes are second to none. The property boasts a new central heating and cooling system, good electrical and ceiling fans. Whether it be used for family gatherings, large weddings, concerts or as a full time commercial business location the separate bathrooms, kitchen area and work area are unbeatable. With multiple storage areas and a loading dock in the rear of the building this property could suit a multitude of needs. Contact us today for a private showing of this ideal property. ($212,500)
419 S 1st_2front.JPG
419 S 1st_3front.JPG
419 S 1st_4front.JPG
419 S 1st_5front.JPG
419 S 1st_6front.JPG
419 S 1st_7front.JPG
419 S 1st_8front.JPG
419 S 1st_9backrm.JPG
419 S 1st_10bathrm.JPG
419 S 1st_11side.JPG
419 S 1st_12back.JPG
419 South 1st Street ~ Wild Horse Trading Post

With the purchase of this property you will not only be gaining a  prime real estate location, but also some furniture, fixtures and equipment. The building is fitted with good roof, central heating and cooling, large retail area, safe room, massive western facing advertising frontage and storage areas superior to any other down town building. Owners would be interested in a complete sale of real estate, and the remaining contents. Not often does the purchase of such a prime real estate location, the caliber of Wild Horse Trading Post, become available in the community of Haskell. ($79,900)
1207 S 1st St_2front2.jpg
1207 S 1st St_3bck1.jpg
1207 S 1st St_4crpt.jpg
1207 S 1st St_5stg1.jpg
1207 S 1st St_6lot.jpg
1207 S 1st St_7living.jpg
1207 S 1st St_8dining1.jpg
1207 S 1st St_9kitchen1.jpg
1207 S 1st St_10kitchen2.jpg
1207 S 1st St_11mstbd1.jpg
1207 S 1st St_12bth.jpg
1207 S 1st St ~ 640 sq. ft.

This small, energy efficient one bedroom, one bathroom property has an open floor plan and could serve a multitude of purposes! The property is spacious, has excellent concrete work outside, offers covered parking and a very large lot. The location is excellent and would be an ideal location for small residence or commercial space. The structure has abundant office room and additional lot for employee parking or machinery. With mature landscaping and a circle drive it is priced to move! ($29,900)
211 N 1st St ~ Old Dairy Queen 2,142 sq. ft.

Location... Location... Location... This commercial building is located just walking distance from the downtown square, across the street from the largest hotel in the county and just a block from the junction of two major US Highways, US 380 and US 277. The building is move in ready with good roof, good central heating and cooling, drive thru and abundant black top parking. The building has a large dining room, spacious kitchen, built-in cooler, freezer, office, two bathrooms and multiple storage rooms. Formerly a Dairy Queen restaurant. Owner is a Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker. ($107,000)